Serena Williams Off-White x Nike QUEEN sho es photo exposure

Recently, we have reported that Nike invited Virgil Abloh to launch the most memorable QUEEN series for its tennis legendary Serena Williams for the first time, whether it is for its exclusive sports suit or  The unique use of Virgil Abloh semi-industrial design techniques has successfully attracted the attention of fashion trendsetters from all walks of life.

Recently, a group of people took pictures of four shoes, Virgil Abloh x Nike Serena Williams, highlighting the detailed design and color matching of shoes from different angles. The overall color of the Air Max 97 and Blazer Mid as shown in the figure is selected from the Virgil Abloh favorite semi-industrial air-cooled color with a warm-graded outsole. The overall shoes are designed without losing their design. At the same time, the color matching of the shoes is the ultimate, and the other two Nike Court Flare 2 PE professional tennis shoes are in the same color and design as the Nike classic shoes. This time, Nike Court The Flare 2 PE color scheme uses silver and ice blue as the main color matching of the shoes and the auxiliary bonus of the sequin material, making this tennis professional sports shoes functional and without losing the trend. At present, the release time of the new shoes in this series is still unknown, and please wait patiently.


Serena Williams Off-White x Nike QUEEN shoes photo exposure




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